Interesting facts about world that will make your brain fail

Thousands of things happen in the world at the same time, these are unimaginable things are thousands and thousands of things that happen, and in addition to thousands of things and there are also thousands of people all over the world and there are different cultures and different classes in this world, and there are things that can be shocking, and sometimes those kinds of shocking things. Explore the hidden secrets of our planet! And discover many things that you did not know right here on this blog, dive in and venture into the news that is here.

Lake Karachay

Did you know that Lake Karachay, which is in Russia, was considered and is the most toxic body of water in the world? During the cold war period, the lake was used as a dumping site for radioactive waste from the Soviet nuclear program. And the contamination was so great that a brief visit to the lake water exposure could be fatal for a human being, because radiation at the bottom of the lake is so great that just a few minutes or seconds of direct exposure can be lethal, and the water is so highly toxic that a human near the shore can receive a lethal dose of radiation in a matter of seconds. And this dangerous area is kept under strict surveillance by the Russian government, and it is forbidden to have any contact with the lake. But what up, did you know that?

Pripyat city

Did you know that the city of Pripyat, located in Ukraine, has remained abandoned since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986? After the explosion of the nuclear reactor, the city, which was previously home to around 50,000 inhabitants, was evacuated within hours. Pripyat is now a ghost town, frozen in time. Empty buildings, abandoned playgrounds and deserted schools are silent witnesses to the disaster. Radiation is still present in the region making the area more dangerous for human habitation. It is believed that the city of Pripyat will be safe for tourist visits only in a few hundred years. The great Chernobyl disaster served as a grim warning of the immense dangers of nuclear power and its devastating consequences. And today, the abandoned city is just a silent reminder of the lasting damage that nuclear disasters can have on human life and the environment.


Do you believe that the human body has atoms that go back billions of years? Each human being is composed of several chemical elements that are essential, such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and of course oxygen, they were formed in distant stars and released into the universe through supernova explosions. And these elements are absorbed by plants which are in turn consumed by human beings, and are incorporated into these atoms in our bodies. And that means you have a dot star matter effect and also as you go through the years of life, the human body replaces most cells many times over. Like, skin cells are constantly being renewed, resulting in new skin every two to four weeks. And every seven years, it’s estimated that every cell in the body has been replaced. Meaning, you literally are a whole new human being on a cellular level after all this time.


We all know that one of the outstanding characteristics of Brazilian culture is its cultural diversity. Brazil is a country that has a rich mix of indigenous, African, European and Asian influences. And this great diversity is reflected in cultural manifestations, such as music, dance, cuisine and festivities. And one of the great examples is the famous carnival considered one of the biggest events in the world, which combines elements of African, indigenous and European culture in samba school parades, street blocks and lively parties throughout the country. And Brazilian cuisine is internationally recognized, with dishes such as feijoada, acarajé, brigadeiro and the famous and delicious açaí. Of course, football also plays a very important role in Brazilian culture and in the hearts of Brazilians, being the most popular sport in Brazil, Brazilians really have football in their hearts, it is a national passion. Brazilian art is diverse and expressive with renowned artists in several areas.


Clothes, what we cannot do without, but we are born without. And I think the history of clothing is really amazing, it’s full of curiosities and news, for example, the origin of jeans goes back to the 19th century, when the resistant cotton fabric called “denim” was used to create durable pants for residents of the United States point and today. Denim fabric has become one of the wardrobe staples for many people around the world. And by the way, the suit is one of the symbols of masculine elegance as we all know, it had its roots in England during the 19th century as well and was gaining fame because of the stylist Coco Chanel who adapted a female version. And we also have another very interesting curiosity about fashion from the 90s, such as high-waisted choker pants and an oversized denim jacket, they are back with full force, as we can see on social networks. Fashion is not only about following trends, it also reflects on the culture and identity of a country, such as the traditional traits used in parties and ceremonies dot clothes, they play an important role in the area of personal expression and cultural representation and it makes the history and evolution of fashion a fascinating topic.

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